Best Driveway Gates for Security

Driveway Gates: The best Driveway Gates For Security

Automatic Driveway Gate

If you are looking to provide better security for your driveway entrance, here are some features you can add to your driveway gates. When you are looking for driveway gates, a company to install them, or to improve your current driveway entrance gates, give us a call as we can help.

Installing a gate that automatically closes after entry is not just convenient, it also increases the level of security. You may just be forgetful or in too much of a hurry to close your gates but by having this feature you can be confident that your automatic driveway gates will stay closed even if you forget to close it.




gates lock gownaDriveway Gate Backup Power Supply

With High-security driveway gates, its very important to have a backup power supply to ensure they are kept operational in the event of a power outage. If the driveway gate can be opened manually when not powered, this can cause a weak link in your driveway gates security. There are a range of alternatives to overcome this type of difficulty. We recommend that you install a backup battery to the driveway gate or, where possible, a solar panel as your secondary power source. Alternatively, you could decide to install a solar panel as your primary power source and have a battery and electric grid feed as secondary power sources.




Driveway Gate Access Coded Control

The easiest way to achieve this type of control is to integrate a keypad access box into your driveway gate system. With this type of approach you can give the code to your guests, allowing only them to gain access. Another approach is to install a remote access system, whereby the driveway gate only opens by remote control. The downside to this approach is that if anyone is able to obtain or steal your remote they will be able to gain unauthorized access. With all of these options, you can also add an intercom system to increase the level of overall security.




commercial galvanized gate

Driveway Gates With Steel Reinforcement  

A really strong gate can provide the highest level of security with steel reinforcements. This will ensure that your gate is not breached if a vehicle attempts to drive through your gate when it is closed. This type of breach, once rare, has become more prevalent in recent years. A gate that’s been designed with reinforced steel will be sure to stop this type of attack dead in its tracks and deny any penetration of your steel reinforcement security gates.

Balconies and Handrails

What makes for the best balconies and handrails? No matter what you use yours for, you have to have confidence that your balcony railings are robust and secure. Maybe your balcony is looking a bit old and not too secure? That’s no problem, let us improve your look and provide your property with a beautiful facelift which will have it looking as good as new. Our balconies are sturdy and weatherproof, meaning that your design won’t look tatty, and our expert fabricators can create a set-up which is bespoke to your pre-existing design, or to work closely with you to create a design you’ll love for years to come.

Our handrail solutions cover everything from stairs, to disabled handrails in a private or business setting. It’s always important that you get exactly the finish you’re looking for, which will be fit for purpose, come rain or shine, whether indoors or outside. New safety regulations have increasing the focus on accessibility, especially, in a commercial setting, we’ve helped so many businesses throughout Ireland adapt their premises to be more disabled-friendly places to work and visit. We always work far and above the minimum specifications set out in the Disability Regulations, ensuring we’re providing an excellent service not only for you, but for everyone who will use your business premises. The level of detail is very important to us and we take care that all your specifications, no matter how small, are looked at to make sure that everything from the height of your handrail, to the finish you desire, is perfect – our attention to detail is second to none. This is something we take very seriously and we pride ourselves on the level of care and attention we give every client.

Maybe your circumstances have changed and you need more support around the home. We’re here to help you make that transition as comfortably as possible by providing you with our expert handrail fitting service that works around you, in the home, as well as in areas where durability is key, such as vertical rails near a front door. Perhaps you need us to work at a certain time of the day that doesn’t interfere with your needs, we will, of course do our best to work around your requirements.

Best Garden Gates

If your looking for the best garden gates or you want to add privacy and security to your home, rental property or business, you should first consider the functionality and form for your location. Naturally, your gate is going to be the first thing people will see when they arrive at your property. This is why it’s important that you try to select a gate that’s the best match for the overall aesthetic of your property. It should also match or blend well with any existing fencing and outdoor décor. As with any home improvement project, budget is a consideration, so be sure to choose a gate that suits your style and pocket.


sliding gates


What’s the main function of the Gate?

Once you’ve answered this question you can make all the other decisions around the type, shape, height and design of your new gate(s). It is a big decision and more than likely the gate or gates you choose will be part of your property for the rest of your life. You are basically setting out to control access to your property or in the case of someone with dogs or other animals you may wish to keep them safe as well. It may also suit you to install a smaller access gate for pedestrian use.

Types of Materials

Gates are typically made of wrought iron, aluminum or timber. If you have an existing fence or gate then it’s  a good idea to get a gate that’s made of either the same material or in some way complements your existing fence. For example, a wrought iron gate provides an attractive, durable addition to a brick, stone or concrete finished perimeter wall.

Some popular gate materials are:

  • Wrought Iron
  • Timber
  • Wood composites
  • Aluminum
  • Steel

You may want to add a lavish touch to the exterior of your property with high end decorative touches and detailed hardware. It is also important that the gate have appropriate bracing in order to avoid sagging and unnecessary maintenance for the future.

How to choose your gate?

The type of fence you have will directly impact on the style of gate that will suit your property.

Some popular styles of gates are:   


Traditional Arched Style Design                                                                                                     In this fine example we see that the fence surround has a stone finish and the wrought iron gates perfectly blend and match with this type of stonework which gives an overall feeling of security with added charm and elegance. The gate has been further enhanced with a gold finish to some sections which really stand out and give it a higher level of detail overall.


Garden Trellis Design                                                                                                     In this example we see another wrought iron gate but the design is quite different. The garden trellis design at the bottom of the gate is one that can be incorporated throughout the rest of the fencing on the property or may be used to compliment some existing trellis work fencing. The connecting pillars are finished in concrete with a render.  





Contemporary Wooden Gate                                                                                                   Here we see a contemporary wooden gate and side gate with robust stone finished piers. This mixture of materials being completely different in texture and form from the top example shown. While still providing a level of security and design with a softer feel.






Traditional Styled Design                                                                                                     Again in this example we see another wooden gate but with a much more traditional design. The overall feel is secure and charming especially with the wrought iron finish on top. The piers are robust stone finish while the rest of the fencing is also finished in timber and is in keeping with the overall look and material usage.





Security Gate Design                                                                                                     commercial galvanized gateSecurity is the main purpose in this style of gate design. The finish, a galvanized steel and timber mix, while not as refined as your home style gate is purely functional as a security feature. Cost can also be a factor in the level of security you wish select.

High Winds and your Driveway Gates

How to Protect yourself and your Gates During High Winds

Gate safety during high winds and gales is very important. Fully sheeted and timber gates need more care during windy conditions .
Some tips to keep in mind are.
1 keep children and pets well clear of gates in windy conditions
2 never attempt to open or close manual gates in windy conditions ( best to follow same guidelines with electric gates also )
3 open  or close your gates in advance when possible
4 depending on wind direction decide on whether gates should be in open or closed position .( i.e, do not leave gates exposed to the winds ) 
5 Always keep drop bolts in lock positions whether open or closed 
6 Remember its better to be safe than sorry and prevention is better than cure. 
If you require any information or advice you can contact us on  0866012396 / 0906490520

Selecting The Best Driveway Gates for your property

Selecting The Best Driveway Gates For Your Property

Traveling around Ireland and other parts of the world you see a lot of interesting properties and gates. 
Some people like to put their own individual stamp on an entrance gate.
Like a favourite painting or photo, customized gates give free expression to those with individual tastes who might want to show off their musical preferences or family heritage, to give just two examples.
I can’t think of a better greeting to your property than a gate that reminds you of what is important to you: security, or say, family heritage.
Keep those unsolicited intruders away from your door and also have a fine piece of craftsmanship that’s a pleasure to view.



Must read: Reasons to Install a Driveway Gate


Main Types of Driveway Gates

You have quit a few options here:
1. Slide gates
2. Swing gates
3. Automated or not
4. Wrought Iron gates
5. Galvanized gates
6. Wooden gates
Slide gates Vs Swing gates – may depend on how level the site location is surrounding the area of the gate.
From there, you’ll need to choose between an Automated or Manual gate and, if automatic, decide whether you prefer a keypad entry or card-based system.
And Finally,

Driveway Gate Materials

A Wrought iron gate is always a good choice of material mainly due to its anti-corrosive properties.
Other good alternatives are:
• Steel gates
• Galvanized gates
Wooden gates are also worth considering for two main reasons:
• Cost
• Aesthetics
If you decide to go for the wooden gate, just remember that it will require a lot more maintenance than any to the metal types.

How much do gates cost?

Cost of Gates

A driveway gate adds an extra measure of security to your home. With so many ready-made and custom built driveway gates available, it can be a stylish addition to your home and needn’t be expensive. Driveway gates can swing or slide open. For greater convenience, you can choose an automatic gate. Which one is best for you? How much is it going to cost?

When looking for a quote for Gates for your home or Business prices may vary quite a bit due to a few key factors. Here are some of the key elements to keep in mind when looking for a quote for Gates. Prices can start as low as €700 depending of the factors below:

1 Size : Obviously the bigger the gate the bigger the cost
2 Weight : A gate can increase in weight due to, heavier gauge steel used, more components used due to design and of course the size.
3 Galvanizing : Cost of galvanizing will change quiet a bit due to the impact of the size and weight.
4 Paint or Powder coating : After galvanizing you can also have your gates painted or powder coated with the latter been the more expensive.

Driveway gates can be made from steel, wrought iron, timber or aluminium. Ready-made gates are often manufactured from galvanised steel or aluminium. Powder coated in a variety of colours, they come in a range of styles and sizes. In most cases, you’ll be able to find a ready-made driveway gate that will be suitable for your driveway. If you can’t find a suitable style or size of ready-made gate, you can always have a custom gate built for you.
The downside to a driveway gate is that if it is not automated, you have to get out of your car to open the gate and then go back and close it after you’ve passed through. This can become a real nuisance in the rain or if you enter and exit your driveway frequently. If you’re undecided, get quotes for automated gates before you settle on a manual gate. You might be surprised by how affordable an automated driveway gate can be.

How Much Does a Driveway Gate Cost?

The cost of your driveway gate will depend on the material it’s made of, its size and whether or not it is custom made. Ready-made gates can be surprisingly affordable. Gates for sloping surfaces generally need to be custom-made.

So if you are in the market for some Gates why not give us a call on 0866012396/0906490520 and we will help you choose the Gates that suit both your requirements and your Budget.

Sliding Gate Automation

sliding gates
sliding gates
Automatic sliding gates are widely used because their linear movement means that they do not require large operating spaces. Their automation requires flexible geared motors able to cope with various sized gates, different intensities of use, changing environmental situations, whilst always guaranteeing maximum conditions of safety, practicality and reliable operation. An excellent Automatic entrance option.

Gate design by B&D Gates and Railings

2013-07-04 15.32.16
At B&D Gates and railings we supply and manafacture a wide variety of Gates and railings to suit all our customers demands and budget . Let it be garden gates , driveway gates , entrance gates or security gates we will work with you and your budgit to give you the perfect gates for your home or business . If you cannot find the design you are looking for in our gallery then simply email us a photo or drawining of the gates of your choice and we will give you a very competitive quote . Or if you are undecided on a design give us a call and we will be happy to give you all the advice you need to make sure you get exactly what you need . There are a couple of factors you should take into account when looking for gates.

2013-07-05 13.12.31
          1 Size of gates
          2 Design
          3 Budget

Size of your gates will have a big impact on price as the bigger they are the heavier they are and this has an impact on Galvanizing , materials , and more labour cost .

Design of your gates is of most importance as the more detail involved will of course have a big impact on weight , labour and of course price

Budget of course will determine how much detail , weight and how far you can go with a design .

2013-07-25 17.29.42

So if you are in the process of building pillars for a set of Gates give thought to both the width and height of your entrance as it will have a big impact when you do decide to install Gates . If you have any queries or need any advice then feel free to call us and we will be happy to assist in any way we can




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2013-09-13 13.14.16

2014-09-02 13.21.28 (1)

Side Gate Inside Wall (2)

2013-10-15 16.00.57

Secure your home or premises with Electric Gates

electric gates ireland
At B&D gates and railings; We supply and fit Gate automation to existing gates or we can supply gates also . Most people feel safer dealing with one company that can supply both as it saves them a lot of time and also can save them money.

Gate automation has many benefits including:

  1. Added security to house or business
  2. Safety for children and pets
  3. Adds value to the dwelling or premises.

However, Like any conventional product in the market as customers you may find a difference in quality that sometimes is not reflected in price . At B&D gates we pride ourselves in the supply of only the highest quality products and service . That’s why we are happy to supply the DITEC range of electric gates systems. We are happy to stand over the knowledge that the DITEC range of electric gates provides our customers with:

  1. Quality
  2. Durability
  3. Value for money
cubic swing archSo if you are looking for electric gates for either your home or business then look no further because at B&D gates we can supply:
  1. Underground system (cubic)
  2. Overground system ( facil arc)
  3. Sliding gate system ( cross )

Our team will be happy to give you all the advice and information you need to help you choose which system is best to suit both your needs and budget . We can also provide an excellent after sales and maintenance service that is second to none. All our electric gate systems carry a one year guarantee (terms and conditions apply)

electric gates irelandSo if you are thinking of installing an electric gate system or both an electric gate system and gates then why not contact us for a free no obligation quotation and all the advice that will help you decide what system is for you.

Quality Gates and Railings to secure your home or business premises

domestic security gatesAt B & D Gates and Railings, we supply premium quality gates for both commercial and domestic properties. There are many reasons why our customers purchase our gates some of which includes:

  • The security of a property or business
  • The security of children or pets
  • Security against intruders or burglary

However, whatever the reason gates, let it be Wrought Iron Gates, Garden Gates, Electric Gates will always enhance the property and also add value to it.

Gates are now becoming a must have for any domestic or commercial property nationwide as a result of a sadly ever increasing crime rate. Gates (manual or electric) are a necessary security measure to have to protect your property against unwanted intruders. At B&D GATES, we provide a wide selection of gates that will secure your domestic and commercial properties.

wrought iron gates b&dgates

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron gates come in a wide variety of designs to suit all customers’ needs and budgets. All our gates come fully galvanized and when required can be painted black or powder coated to a colour of customers choice.




Security Gatescommercial security gates

We manufacture security gates to meet the needs of our customers and can install nationwide.






side gates

Side Gates

Side gates are a great form of security for any home or business. Let it be to ensure the safety of your children or pets or protection against intruders a side gate is now becoming a must for all properties.





Garden Gates

Garden gates provide a great finish to all properties with the added bonus of adding value to it. We have a wide selection of gate designs on offer that can meet all customers expectations and budgets.





domestic security gates

Automatic/electric Gates

At B&D gates and railings, we also supply and fit top of the range gate automation systems to gates for the domestic and commercial sectors. Electric gates are a great way of adding security to all properties and can be added to existing gates or we can supply both the gates and the electrics, let it be a Sliding gate or Swing gate.