Best Driveway Gates for Security

Driveway Gates: The best Driveway Gates For Security

Automatic Driveway Gate

If you are looking to provide better security for your driveway entrance, here are some features you can add to your driveway gates. When you are looking for driveway gates, a company to install them, or to improve your current driveway entrance gates, give us a call as we can help.

Installing a gate that automatically closes after entry is not just convenient, it also increases the level of security. You may just be forgetful or in too much of a hurry to close your gates but by having this feature you can be confident that your automatic driveway gates will stay closed even if you forget to close it.




gates lock gownaDriveway Gate Backup Power Supply

With High-security driveway gates, its very important to have a backup power supply to ensure they are kept operational in the event of a power outage. If the driveway gate can be opened manually when not powered, this can cause a weak link in your driveway gates security. There are a range of alternatives to overcome this type of difficulty. We recommend that you install a backup battery to the driveway gate or, where possible, a solar panel as your secondary power source. Alternatively, you could decide to install a solar panel as your primary power source and have a battery and electric grid feed as secondary power sources.




Driveway Gate Access Coded Control

The easiest way to achieve this type of control is to integrate a keypad access box into your driveway gate system. With this type of approach you can give the code to your guests, allowing only them to gain access. Another approach is to install a remote access system, whereby the driveway gate only opens by remote control. The downside to this approach is that if anyone is able to obtain or steal your remote they will be able to gain unauthorized access. With all of these options, you can also add an intercom system to increase the level of overall security.




commercial galvanized gate

Driveway Gates With Steel Reinforcement  

A really strong gate can provide the highest level of security with steel reinforcements. This will ensure that your gate is not breached if a vehicle attempts to drive through your gate when it is closed. This type of breach, once rare, has become more prevalent in recent years. A gate that’s been designed with reinforced steel will be sure to stop this type of attack dead in its tracks and deny any penetration of your steel reinforcement security gates.

High Winds and your Driveway Gates

How to Protect yourself and your Gates During High Winds

Gate safety during high winds and gales is very important. Fully sheeted and timber gates need more care during windy conditions .
Some tips to keep in mind are.
1 keep children and pets well clear of gates in windy conditions
2 never attempt to open or close manual gates in windy conditions ( best to follow same guidelines with electric gates also )
3 open  or close your gates in advance when possible
4 depending on wind direction decide on whether gates should be in open or closed position .( i.e, do not leave gates exposed to the winds ) 
5 Always keep drop bolts in lock positions whether open or closed 
6 Remember its better to be safe than sorry and prevention is better than cure. 
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Gate design by B&D Gates and Railings

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At B&D Gates and railings we supply and manafacture a wide variety of Gates and railings to suit all our customers demands and budget . Let it be garden gates , driveway gates , entrance gates or security gates we will work with you and your budgit to give you the perfect gates for your home or business . If you cannot find the design you are looking for in our gallery then simply email us a photo or drawining of the gates of your choice and we will give you a very competitive quote . Or if you are undecided on a design give us a call and we will be happy to give you all the advice you need to make sure you get exactly what you need . There are a couple of factors you should take into account when looking for gates.

2013-07-05 13.12.31
          1 Size of gates
          2 Design
          3 Budget

Size of your gates will have a big impact on price as the bigger they are the heavier they are and this has an impact on Galvanizing , materials , and more labour cost .

Design of your gates is of most importance as the more detail involved will of course have a big impact on weight , labour and of course price

Budget of course will determine how much detail , weight and how far you can go with a design .

2013-07-25 17.29.42

So if you are in the process of building pillars for a set of Gates give thought to both the width and height of your entrance as it will have a big impact when you do decide to install Gates . If you have any queries or need any advice then feel free to call us and we will be happy to assist in any way we can




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Side Gate Inside Wall (2)

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Wrought Iron Railings IrelandAt B&D Gates and Railings, we provide high quality iron railings for both domestic and commercial premises nationally. We specialise in providing excellent quality wrought iron railings at sensible prices.

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Wrought Iron Decking railing

Secure and durable, our railings can be used for your homes or businesses safety and security. We can also provide balcony rails, decking rails and handrails.

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‘I was very hesitant to put railings up because I have a fabulous view of the river, and didn’t want to lose that. I needed a safety barrier, however. Michael was absolutely fantastic. He understood immediately what I was after, and the railings themselves are far beyond my expectations. They add to the garden rather than detracting from it. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough. He gives excellent advice, flawless service and the end result is spectacular.’
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