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We use a P.S.A Certified installer for all our Electric Gates and Automatic Gates in Ireland. Because it is an important part of what we do here at B&D Gates, we offer automatic gate systems for all manner of applications and are happy to quote for every project regardless of size.

We carry a wide range of automated/electric gate openers, including underground, over-ground and sliding type gate openers.

Why use B&D for Gate Automation?

Using B&D Gates for your automation requirements comes with a number of benefits:

1 year guarantee Detailed installation report upon request High quality workmanship
Time sensitive delivery Hands on project management Domestic, commercial and industrial markets

Why install Automatic Gate Systems?

1. In domestic use, electric gates provide an extra security for your home and of course add to your sense of safety especially for those living in rural or vulnerable areas. 2. Commercial and industrial sectors require automated systems to control visitor traffic in specified areas, manage security and protect specific environs where only approved personnel are permitted to enter. 3. Gate automation systems are also invaluable where large groups of individuals are expected to gather, e.g. concert venues, festivals, museums & tourist attractions. We offer, swing gates and underground cubic automatic gates and are very happy to advise on what system best suits your property or business. Some of the areas we provide commercial solutions for are listed below, the list is by no means exhaustive so please feel free to contact us to discuss your particular requirements.

Which is the best type of Gate Automation?

Automatic gates — an open and shut case? Not so very long ago the cool, silent swing of an electric (automated), gate was considered the province of Norma Desmond — a perk for Batman, even, on his return to the bat-cave?

I was convinced that the inclusion of such fabulous luxury and convenience, must come with a fabulous, luxuriant price. Further to that supposition, was the notion that having a gate simply signaled that the owners had something worth clambering over the gate for. Was it ostentatious? Drawing attention? Was there really any security advantage for a determined intruder?

“With a closed panel gate, they can’t see in, which is not appealing and it says, above all — go away.”

So, what are the advantages to having automatic gates? They close and lock. Most of us, even with manual gates worthy of Games of Thrones, cannot be bothered to clamber out in a light drizzle, close and secure our gates. Automatic gates can be timed to close after a short interval, if you don’t like the car being patted on the behind by a closing mechanism.

Remote operation:

The cocker spaniel is break-dancing around the car, the two-year-old is thrashing herself out of the seat belt like Houdini over the Hudson – but you don’t have to worry about securing the gate before you alight.

Automatic gates don’t only secure the property, they also keep in pets and children at play around the outside of the house, presuming that is, you have them matched to high fencing. Taller oblique timber varieties of gate will obscure the view of anyone likely to watch your home, cars and family for whatever reason. Just about any gate can be retro-fitted with an automatic mechanism.

Swing or Slide?

Gates are described as wing or leaf, the latter divided into separate moving parts. Your supplier will often work with a number of reputable gate fabricators to come up with the best combination of gate and articulation for your site.

Hydraulic gates are extremely quiet and will hold a closed panel gate more firmly in a windy situation.


Sliding gates operate on a glide-track set into the ground and have a tidy finish. No gate is impenetrable, but a single piece sliding gate mounted on a track, that moves in a parallel motion back against the adjoining fence or wall is very secure and least likely to be rammed open.

If the house is reached by an uphill driveway, a sliding gate is the perfect answer, as the gate is not forced over a gradient or hanging in mid-air when opening outward.

In tight situations, with a twist to the drive, there’s no issue of getting around the gate during a manoeuvre. It’s important to ensure there is plenty of room for the gate to slide back against the perimeter. Sliding gates are operated by a single gear motor on a rack and pinion drive principle.


There are three types of swing mechanisms. The first two are what is termed over-ground operators with the motors and arms on show on the pillars and gates.

The cheapest and more visible option is the articulated arm, with a motor attached to the gate pillar or pillars and an ‘L’ shaped arm on the back of the gate that, using a motor shaft, pulls the gate open.

Linear over-ground electronic gates (also known as actuators or ram types), have a sleeker, appearance.A horizontal actuator spindle is attached to the gate wing and the driver mechanism to the pillar. The spindle extends to close and retracts to open the gate.

Underground mechanisms, take the motor completely out of sight and are set into the ground in a ‘ motor box’ and are popular for their flush, unobtrusive finish which does not vie with the aesthetics of a lovely gate.

It’s vital to ensure there are no drainage issues around the gateway which would allow water to fill the box position, shorting the electrics of the mechanism and disabling the gate.

Access Control:

The controls surrounding your gate can be as sophisticated as the contents of your wallet allow, but even standard packages offer versatile choices that will deliver gates that are safe, convenient, secure and familiar to the whole family.

Key ring transmitters which ping the gates open or closed from around 100m away are the most common form of control (at least 2 are given with a standard kit).

With a GSM controller added to the automation, you can also divert the operation of the gate through your mobile phone, allowing access by nominated phone users too.

A simple text command can keep your gates open for an assigned period and there’s the added advantage of text and email support from your supplier.

Audio-video intercoms allow visitors to press a button and be identified by voice or view, at a receiver up at the house. A key-pad on the control box means you can provide an access code to say, trades coming to work on the house, and then change the code for total peace of mind.

What about power outages, will I be trapped in my home? Michael O’Connell laughs:

“No, that’s not a problem. Every gate will have a manual operation, generally a straight forward hand crank for these situations.”


Dogs have keener sight and hearing than humans and generally have the instinct to protect their home territory and yours, alerting you to unusual activity, sounds and the arrival of anyone to the property.

This does not mean that your dog is a ‘guard dog’ — a trained animal used for non-residential situations. Having a trained commercial guard dog at home may leave you open to litigation if it attacks and injures any visitor.

Smaller dogs make superb alarms, but obviously don’t have the physique or inherent potential threat of larger dogs. Even a larger dog without specialist training can prove an obliging lump. Stories abound of elephant-sized dogs letting intruders in without sounding a feeble ‘woof’.

However, there are also what is termed ‘protection dogs’ offered by specialist companies such as K9 Security, who are trained to protect their owners above all. These are carefully chosen animals, generally German Shepherds, trained from a few weeks old and capable of defending their family with instant recall when required.


Automatic gates are a powered machine, and in the wake of several known fatalities in recent years, last week the UK industry held a Gate Safety Week, underlining the need for proper gate maintenance. Here are the key points to bring up with your supplier to ensure safe operation of all automatic gates used at home.

* Your new powered gate should come with a “Declaration of Conformity” and be CE marked

* Automatic gates should be protected by “touch sensitive” control, (either by rubber safety edges or intelligent drive units), that will cause the gate to retract if it encounters an obstacle

* There should also be “light beams” across the entrance as a backup measure. Light beams should never be the sole protection measure – unless they form multi-beam curtaining that prevents all possible access to the moving gate

detector will just detect vehicles. (Extract from Irish Examiner Article, Saturday, October 25, 2014)

Swing gate facil-arc
Underground cubic automatic gates


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