Automated Driveway Gates for your property

Automated Driveway Gates for your property

Decorative Entrance Gate
About Automated Driveway Gates

Travelling around Ireland and other parts of the world you see a lot of interesting properties and gates. Some people like to put an individual stamp on a automated driveway gate.

Like a favourite painting or photo, customised gates give free expression to those with unique tastes who might want to show off their musical preferences or family heritage, to give just two examples.

There is no better way of inviting people into your property than with a gate which shows them what is truly important to you.
Keep those unsolicited intruders away from your door and also have a fine piece of craftsmanship that’s a pleasure to view.

Main Types of Driveway Gates

There a few choices to consider based on your preferences:

  1. Slide vs Swing Driveway gates
  2. Automated vs Manual Driveway gates

Slide Vs Swing driveway gates – the choice may depend on how level the site location surrounding the area of the gate is. Where the space inside your property is at a minimum and parking proximity is refined a slide gate may be the best option available. If you would rather opt for an automated gate but have an access point which is relatively narrow, then a single swing gate may be a preferred option for you, as it only requires one motor. Double swing gates are more suited to wider openings. In addition, they can be custom-made to suit specific site conditions. For example, leaves can be manufactured in different sizes or shapes to suit an awkward opening.

Automated vs Manual driveway gates ​– depending on how secure you want the gate mechanism to be, electric gates might be a more preferable option. These gates can provide extra security for those living in rural or vulnerable areas, or to control visitor traffic and manage personnel access to your property. From there, you’ll need to decide whether you prefer a keypad entry or card-based system.

Driveway Gate Materials

Once you have chose the type of gate, you need to consider what materials it will be made of:

  1. Wrought Iron gates
  2. Galvanised gates
  3. Wooden gates

A Wrought iron gate is always a good choice of material mainly due to its anti-corrosive properties.
Wooden gates are also worth considering for two main reasons:

  • Cost
  • Aesthetics

If you decide to go for the wooden gate, just remember it will require a lot more maintenance than any of the metal types.

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