Because it is an important part of what we do here at B&D Gates and Railings, ALL of our Electric Gates and Automatic Gate installations are carried out by a PSA (Private Security Authority) Certified installer for your peace of mind. This means you can be sure you will enjoy your new gate for years to come.

Our range of automated gates can be designed to order. These orders include remote activation, and one or two gate operations depending on your budget and requirements.

pvc gates moydrum by B&D Gates & Railing
black teak gates by B&D Gates & Railing
Automatic Gate Horizontal Style gates black teak gates by B&D Gates & Railing

Electric Gate Benefits

  • Transform your entrance — make it Impressive,
  • Provide a real boost to security,
  • Safety net for your children
  • Safe for your pets and properties

Having your children playing on a front lawn or yard would no longer be a stressful occurrence, as you would have the peace of mind that your automatic gate would keep them away from traffic or strangers. The same goes for pets. They can enjoy more freedom, yet remain safe and sound within the boundaries of your property. Furthermore, an automatic gate helps keep any unwanted or potentially dangerous animals out of your property, keeping all residents protected and secure.

Another key benefit is privacy – with an automatic gate, intrusive salesmen and solicitors will not be able to interrupt your day, and you can save yourself the stress of having to refuse them at your door. Also, with the right design, an automatic gate can allow you and your family to enjoy a night on your front porch without the prying eyes of neighbours or passers by.

Automated gates can be coupled with visitor identification systems to ensure that access is properly controlled at all times.

We carry a wide range of automated/electric gate openers, including underground, over-ground and sliding type gate openers.

We are dedicated to serving all our customers in Ireland.

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