Underground Motor Automatic Gates System

Underground CUBIC Automatic

Cubic Automation Gates encompass an underground-automated system. This state of the art product is ideal for applications where the appearance of the gateway is imperative to the look of the property. This system is ideal for both domestic and commercial properties .CALL US NOW ON 0866012396 / 0906490520 and we will be happy to advise you on the applications for which the cubic automation system is suitable.

Technical features

Frequently opened and closed gates (CUBIC 6-6V) or those subjected to heavy duty usage (CUBIC 6H-6HV).
Housed in an electrically zinc plated steel foundation,the new IP 67 gear motors are encased so as to provide resistance to the elements.
Fixed, using stainless steel screws that are pre-built in the foundation casing.
The 110° angle version provides rotation by means a lever system, where the 180° angle version rotates using a chain system chain.


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